Sunday, September 21, 2014

Strange Races update

I've finally managed to finish printing & assembling the last issues of Strange Races, aka Secrets #2. They'll be in the mail tomorrow. I'm very sorry for the delay.  :(

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Secrets is currently Sold Out!

Print copies of Secrets #1 & #2 are temporarily sold out.  I'll make more as soon as I can. Until then, I'm taking the paypal link down.  PDFs are still available!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

5e Leshii Race

A player in my brand-spanking new 5e campaign wanted to play a leshii. I also needed to fill up a half-page in Strange Races. So, here's the quick n' dirty Strange Races iteration of the 5e rules for the leshii race. I expect they'll be tweaked slightly as I become more practiced with creating and converting races, but I think it's workable now.

Update: This just got on En World's frontpage, so I'm putting some leshii info here rather than making you chase a link around. If you want more new player races, check out Strange Races: pdf available here, a print copy available on the sidebar. They're not 5e-mechanics, but I might do post conversions here on the blog later on.

The leshii are a race of humanoid nature spirits seemingly hewn from wood. Male leshii are six to seven feet tall, with nut-brown skin looped and whorled like the rings of a tree. They are lean and muscular, with rough, craggy features and a crown of branch-like horns. Leshii women are smaller, and their skin is pale and smooth, reminiscent of birch bark. They have long gold or ebony tresses and delicate features.

Leshii are, first and foremost, primal spirits of the forest and the hunt. Of the nonhuman races, they are the least human in manner, being guided solely by deep instinctual urges and their own whims. They only faintly understand the concepts of empathy, laws, and civilized society in general, and live solitary, nomadic lives avoiding other leshii when possible.

Leshii are curious and inquisitive, but well-tempered with a predator’s caution and cunning. They are patient and prefer contests of skill and wit to games of chance, and are adept at feigning weakness or passivity to lure an opponent in. They are territorial and protective of anything they consider theirs.

Adventuring leshii are rare but not unknown. Young leshii go abroad to find new forests or gain experience, while older leshii become bored, or simply never settle down. They seek out companions to protect and watch over, and live itinerant, mercenary lives for as long as it amuses them.

Leshii Racial Features
Abilities: +2 Constitution
Size: Medium
Darkvision: 60’
Woodlore: Proficient in the Nature skill
Unflagging: Leshii are less affected by exhaustion than other creatures, and have advantage on Constitution saves versus exhaustion.

Abilities: +1 Charisma
Silken Voice: Proficient in the Persuasion skill.
Cantrip: Friends

Abilities: +1 Strength
Durable: Advantage on saves versus Poison, and resistant to poison damage.
Hunter: Proficient in the Survival skill.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Secrets #2: Strange Races is here!!!

Q: What is Secrets #2: Strange Races?
A: Secrets is a fanzine for Swords & Wizardry and other OSR games. Strange Races is an issue dedicated to new (and slightly unusual) player races.

Q: What's in Strange Races?
A: No half-orcs, half-elves, or gnomes. They've been done. Strange Races has...

  • 25 new player races for S&W and similar games, including:
  • the avia, rulers of the Feathered Realm;
  • the khon, a pseudo-human race locked in a vicious evolutionary cycle;
  • the sekhm, a noble race of warrior-scholars;
  • the leshii, barbaric forest guardians;
  • expanded information on lesser-known OGC races like the dakon, mites, ubue, and valco;
  • S&W variants of the aasimar, teuflings, and clockwork characters;
  • and racial class information for each new race.
  • A Random Culture Generator, for your random culture needs;
  • Snippets of lore from the Feathered Realm setting;
  • An overview of the elves of the Shadowend.
Secrets is covered under the Open Game License, and 100% Open Game Content.

Prices n' Places

$1.99The pdf version of Secrets #2 is available at the d20PFSRD Store for $1.99

$4: The print version is available for $4 through the Paypal link in the sidebar, and each print zine includes one of ten different bonus content stickers. 

$6: Print + pdf. Order through the Paypal link to the right, and I'll email you the pdf ASAP and send you a print copy.

International orders are the same price (yes, really), but it's a little easier on me if you order the print + pdf, and then you can enjoy the pdf while waiting for the envelope (although it only took 3 days for it to get to Barcelona, which is pretty darned good - it took longer to get to some USA addresses.)

Greg Gorgonmilk snuck a micro-review of Strange Races into his OSR PDF Roundup post.  He calls the leshii and the clockworks "crazygood".

Monday, August 4, 2014

2 Quick Reviews

I bought a few items on RPG Now a week ago, and had ...mixed results. I don't normally do reviews, but felt I had to say something.  However, I'm going to quickly review all 6 items that I bought, rather than just the bad ones.

One Page Table Number Eight: Woodland Features and Hazards
One Page Table Number Eleven: Mountain and Hill Features and Hazards
PBE Games, written by Mark A. Thomas
Normally $1; bought for .75c apiece on sale.

These are pretty much WYSIWYG. Each  is a single table with 20 entries on a single page. The entries are system neutral, two or three sentences long, and describe a feature or hazard. They are varied and realistic, but not boring, and work well for someone needing to spice up a hexcrawl or overland journey.  I could see myself using them.

16 A grove of trees, all the same kind, breaks the usual forest mix. This place may hold special significance to local intelligent creatures, and its unique appearance makes it a useful landmark.

Layout is good. Not flashy, very functional. I wish the background were white instead of an off-white/light grey tone, for the sake of my printer ink, but they're still printable. At $1 I feel they're a little overpriced; .50c apiece would work for me, but at .75c I'm not disappointed in them.

Summary: 7/10 - Would buy again. Unlikely to buy more at current regular price; would consider buying more as needed at 25% off; will buy more at 50% regular price.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Dalerain VIII: The Empty Queen

The Empty Queen, Crone Goddess, Lady of Despair
Power of the Dalerain
Major AoC: Curses, Despair, Disillusionment, Nightmares, Weakness
Minor AoC: Abandonment, Evil Witchs, Seduction, Summoning
Symbol: A gnarled staff, five withered fingers, a crow.
Allies: Malis, Tuar, Yilwyn
Enemies: Brigit, Catil
Avatar: Cleric 6 / Rogue 12 / Wizard 17
Kajalla appears as a wrinkled and decrepit old woman, though she can assume any shape or form that suits her purpose (any deity can do this, but Kajalla employs the skill more than most). Her clothing is worn and stained, her accoutrements scratched and dirty, and her manner foul and abusive. Those who meet her in this form and return the abuse are invariably cursed; those who treat her well without knowing her true nature earn at least a brief respite from her attentions.

Kajalla is known to be younger than Catil, but is otherwise one of the oldest and most secretive of the Dalerain. She is the head of a trinity of goddesses of evil, her companions being Malis and Yilwyn, and also allied with Tuar, the lord of the spaces below the earth. She was once a close patron and ally of Cheneitha, but that relationship has grown distant in recent centuries, and the Ice Queen is rarely found in the company of the Crone Goddess.

She is worshipped by witches and those who wish to bring harm to others, and she is appeased by nearly everyone. Her priests are manipulative and cruel, and often assemble small bands of like-minded individuals and monsters around them to further help them sow despair and and disillusionment. Many hags are aligned with Kajalla's faith, though few hags actually worship her -- it is not in their nature to acknowledge a power greater than their own.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

The Great Blog Roll Call 2014!

I made it onto the list!  :)

I tend to forget that this resource exists...I wonder if I can auto-email the link to myself once a week?